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Equipment available from the library: Home

Here is a list of all of the equipment that you can check out from the library.

Equipment Available for Loan

The loan period for the following audio and visual equipment is one week.

  • Snowball USB Microphones
  • Phone rig for capturing video
  • Medium and Small Gorilla Tripods
  • FLIR C2 Thermal Camera
  • Kill A Watt Meters
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Lavalier Microphones
  • Ring Lights
  • Portable Microphone Studio Voice Booth Isolation Box
  • Projectors
  • Screens for Projectors
  • DVD Drives
  • Headphone Splitters
  • Digital Video Cameras

In-Library Equipment

The following equipment is available for in-library use only

  • Chromebooks
  • Headphones
  • MicroSD Cards
  • SDcard to USB or USBC adapter