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Library Workjob Information

Expectations and duties for Circulation Aides and Library Monitors

Job expectations

Workjob Expectations and Policies

Schauffler Library


1. Arrive on time and sign in.


2. Call the library (413-498-3484) or email if you cannot come to work due to illness (with a note from Health Center).


3. If you have a conflict and are unable to work as scheduled, you are responsible for finding a sub. You can get in touch with other library workjob students by emailing Please email as soon as you know you will be absent, and when you have the name of person who will cover your shift. Failure to notify us ahead of time will result in absence points.


4. Students not working for the library are not permitted behind the desk (unless they have permission to use the paper cutter or browse the reserve books).


5. Discourage your friends from socializing with you while you are on duty.


6. You may not wear earbuds or earphones while at work. Doing so may result in getting an NI as a workjob grade and/or not being hired back.


7. Homework: You may read or do homework AFTER you have completed your assigned tasks.

  • Before you start homework, ask, “Is there anything else you would like me to do?”

  • You may use your computer at the desk to work on homework. Please do not use your cell phone while on duty at the library.

Remember: your primary responsibility is to assist library patrons, and to be helpful to library staff. Make sure to greet everyone entering the library and keep an eye out for anyone who may need help.


8. Become acquainted with the library staff. Show a willingness to help out.


9. Everyone checking out equipment must leave an I.D. No exceptions. (You also need your I.D. to check out a laptop to yourself to use at the circulation desk.)


10. Confidentiality: We never divulge the identity of who has an item checked out, not even to teachers or staff. If someone is pressuring you to disclose a patron’s name, refer them to a librarian.


Frequent tardiness or absence without giving prior notification to a librarian may result in reassignment to a workjob outside the library.