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World Religions & Contemporary Issues | S. Warren

What Do I Do?

  • Find a topic and then research your topic using a minimum of three different and reputable news sources. Consider where your sources are from and how that might impact the information you glean. Remember to use the LibGuide for evaluating news sources.   

  • Identify the necessary information to provide the class so they can understand the event. At a minimum, answer the following: 

    • Who, what, when, and where of the current event?

    • How is religion(s) involved?

    • What do you notice about your sources (who says what, why might this be)?

    • What is interesting, important or relevant about your topic for our class? 

  • Organize that information in a digestible format (presentation, short write-up, etc.). Use this to introduce your topic to the class in approximately 5 minutes 

  • Prepare 2-3 discussion questions so you can lead the class in conversation of 5-10 minutes. 

  • Post your organized information, discussion questions, and sources to Canvas 



What Can I Use as a Topic?

  • Your event of choice must engage directly with a religion. You can select any religion, even if it is not one we’ve covered in class. 

  • It should be recent. Ideally it will have happened the week you present, but you can go back a month if needed. 

  • You must select a specific event. You may bring us to a new event or provide an update on a prior topic, but you cannot simply repeat what has already been said.