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Food Systems Teach-In: Links and Videos

NMH Food Systems Teach-In

Food Systems Teach-in: A Day to Act
May 11, 2022 — During the NMH Food Systems Teach-in, all classes focused on engaging students in the work of becoming responsible citizens through their food choices. The teach-in, which returned to campus this year after a two-year hiatus, was the culminating event of the yearlong learning theme of citizenship and environmental stewardship. 

“The goal of the teach-in is for us to take a day to swim in it together and learn about food systems from every angle,” Becca Malloy, NMH’s sustainability director, said. “You are what you eat, and every bit of who we are is reflected in how we make our food choices.” 

Classes welcomed local farmers, restaurant and business owners, and representatives from nonprofit organizations focused on sustainable farming, nutrition, workers’ rights, and waste management. 

Students explored citizenship and environmental stewardship throughout the year, and the teach-in brought all the pieces together. In the fall, Catherine Coleman Flowers, international activist for equal access to water and sanitation, and environmental activist Erin Brockovich engaged students in conversation during visits with classes and an all-school question-and-answer session. During the winter term, Winona LaDuke, an activist for Native American rights and environmental justice and two-time Green Party vice presidential candidate, and Dr. David Raglan of the Truth Telling Project and Grassroots Reparations Campaign sought to empower students during a visit to NMH. 


Click HERE to see photos from NMH's 2022 Food Systems Teach-In.

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