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Exploring Diverse Books: Diversity Day

NMH Library Catalog

Commonwealth Collection

Find Fiction Featuring Diverse Characters and Viewpoints

You can see a list of all of the tags we use for diverse fiction in the library catalog on our Diverse Fiction @ Schauffler Library page.  Clicking on any of the tags will perform a search in the library catalog.

Tags are listed at the bottom of the library catalog record for each book.

You can click on a tag in the catalog record to do a new search. You can even get really fancy and combine terms by typing into the catalog search box a search exactly like this (our example will use Korean American teenagers; swap those out for your identifiers of choice!):

tag:"korean american" AND tag:"adolescents"


  • Right now, we're only tagging fiction books (novels, short stories, graphic novels, etc.). To find non-fiction books on any of these topics, just search the library catalog and enter words that describe what you're looking for.
  • Also, while we've been tagging new books for the past two years, very few older books in the collection have been tagged. We hope to get to those -- stay tuned! And ask a librarian if you'd like help finding older books on your topic.