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Heritage Months: Native American Heritage Month



In the United States today, 2.9 million people identify as Native American or Native Alaskan today while 5.2 million Americans identify as Native American or Native Alaskan in combination with another race. There are currently 574 federally recognized Native nations in the United States. 


At the time what is now known as the United States was first colonized by Europeans, Native Americans spoke over 300 Indigenous languages. 123 languages are still spoken in North America, but many no longer  have any native speakers and some have fewer than ten speakers still alive. 


Native American Heritage Month

In 1915,  the annual Congress of the American Indian Association met and founded an American Indian Day. Red Fox James, a Blackfoot Indian, rode on horseback across the country gathering signatures to present to the White House in support of this day. In the end he had the signatures of 24 dates. This day was first celebrated on the second Sunday in May of 2016 by the Governor of New York. In 1990 President Bush approved a resolution making November Native American Heritage Month. 



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