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Trans-Inclusive Education: a guide for teachers and advisors: Legal issues

Protections by state

State Schools Nondiscrimination Laws [Map]. (n.d.). Retrieved from

This map created by the National Center for Transgender Equality shows which states offer gender identity and sexual orientation protections, which offer only sex and sexual orientation protections, and which states offer only sex discrimination protections. In the gray states LGBTQ+ people have no legal protections. The light blue states offer protections for sexual orientation but trans and gender non-conforming individuals are not protected. Massachusetts offers both gender identity and sexual orientation protections. 

State Law

Federal Law

Sample scenarios


Moore, A., Pan, L., & Erlick, E. (2017). Did you know? [Infographic]. Retrieved from

This graphic from Trans Student Education Resources illustrates three scenarios that might occur at a high school. They are all illegal under Massachusetts state law.