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INFO LIT: The Search

Analyzing Algorithmic Bias

How Does Google Work?

In a nutshell, Google works by identifying text within webpages that match your search terms. While, in practice, the Google search algorithm is extremely complex. All the factors that go into Google's Page Rank are a closely guarded secret, and the algorithm is updated up to 6 times a day, but some of the major factors that are considered when matching search results with your search include: how recently the content was updated, how many times your keywords appear on the page, how many other sites link to a page, how "user friendly" the page is (i.e. how fast it loads, how mobile friendly it is).


What Google says about Search

Top Two Tips

1. Limit your search to trusted domains, such as educational sites and government sites, by typing or into the search box along with your search terms


2. Put phrases in quotation marks to keep the words together (like "climate change") rather than having google search for the words independently of each other