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INFO LIT: The Search

Searching the eBook Collection

Searching for ebooks is a great way to find additional books on your topic. Our eBook Collection contains hundreds of thousands of ebook titles, which can be accessed immediately. 

You'll notice the landing page for the eBook Collection looks a lot like the advanced search interface for the Library Catalog. They both work in a similar way too!


Using our search terms from our Catalog search, we can plug them in here in the same way, and then click "Search."

The Search Results

When you get the search results back, look through the titles to find sources that will likely be helpful to your research. 

Using the eBook

When you find a title that looks relevant, click on the title to see the complete record for that item. Just like in the Catalog, you can find out more information about the book, like publication date, a summary of the book, and sometimes a title of contents. And the link to the full-text of the book!